Can You Feel The Stasis?

by the Florists

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"Can You Feel The Stasis?"
by the Florists

All songs written and performed by the Florists.
Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Ali Jaafar at Ecstattic Studios in Minneapolis, MN.


released July 25, 2016




the Florists Minneapolis, Minnesota

your local post-punk friends. bring your tap shoes. the Florists are jo kellen, jared hemming, and luke michaels. we love you very much.

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Track Name: Lake of the Aisles
All the passionate people
hanging up their shirts
Perfect Pastel Pink

Watch the park board
soak up every inch
Summer in the city

Jump ropers hop in double time
flowers bloom like bombs
Bus driver voices climb
out from the intercom:
“Have a nice one
double check
no one follows you home”

It's a brand new system
We're adopting it with ease
It's a brand new system
I don't really know that much about it
I really don't

But even if I did!
yeah even if I did,
I'd keep it a secret

I'd hold it close 401k
little insurgent paved
in the distant distance
invisible plays

Invisible lines that you didn't draw
all at once
Hang like vines from your gaping jaw
for several months
I watch them sprout
toward my own mouth
and down our wainscoted

That's the story we tell to each other
Track Name: Still + Again
you ask me to sing higher
i cant
but i'll try because i respect you

all the children in plastic chairs
the choir rises and glugs my despair

these songs are a list of things i remember
that continue to remember me

my reflection dull in the polished
floor at great clips in 2003

sheared like a sheep
my curly locks in a heap
I don’t bleat when the barber knicks me

that same reflection
with much longer hair
getting choked before the upstairs tv

your face looks so confused
and i’ll admit it, i’m amused
when I land a punch right on to your cheek

then mom rushes in
you're leaning, begging for a win
my face contorts queasy, i don’t make a peep

Events don't repeat
they just sport different shadings
Track Name: Pleasure Shrug
Who posted up
who took a step
who overthrew
who uuuusurped
who snuck in the window
who chirped in the door
who uncovered the tomb
and made you president of the guest room?
I know I didn’t

Are they gonna watch me undress now?
Are they gonna burn my cities down?
I guess

I'll buy a lakefront property
take my friends and family
beautiful gas masks
for you and me

Don't ask no favors
turn down the lights
I feel all warm tonight
tucked in safe and quietly

Moderate and insincere
I'll live my whole life up here
wake up one day
Track Name: Foam
The motorcade passes quickly and I feel it
The motorcade passes by and I feel it

Don't you go home
My heart is foaming energy in me
I feel it

The boots on their feet
the rhythm of the street
they're marching forward through the sand
I feel it baby in my hands
I feel it down on the street
just to giggle and moan with that beat

Don't you go home
my heart is foaming energy in me
bones freed
I am seeing parts of me
weeping sobbing openly
calculating strategies
for the death of parts of speech

so for who the whom
the who the who the ha ha ha
the ha ha ha ha
the ha ha ha ha