Exits (Florists​/​Luxury Prison Split)

by the Florists

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released July 1, 2016




the Florists Minneapolis, Minnesota

your local post-punk friends. bring your tap shoes. the Florists are jo kellen, jared hemming, and luke michaels. we love you very much.

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Track Name: Butane
you know the way those dogs roll on their bellies?
i'm not so different
i'll do what you tell me

in this moment 'cause i really like you
if you ask me i can bite you
you laugh a little yeah our cheeks are red
don't it make ya --

your pants your teeth your way cool denim jacket
your killer bracelet your joan copjec packet

we agree we are just friends
but tonight can have a different end
watch your eyes focus on my lips
crane your neck and take a sip

i blush there and you go to kiss me
electric light floods the city

street filled with blurry taxis
you take a sec to wave and ask me
if i'm coming in a gentle tone
yeah you know you'll take me home

summer and your lip gloss glistening
electric light travels listening